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In Juneafter nearly a year of investigating along with with state and federal agents, Plymouth police arrested 10 people in connection with allegations of human trafficking at three local massage parlors.

At the time, police alleged that Chinese-national masseuses at the three spas were providing sexual services to male clients.

Ultimately, only six indictments were returned.

Three women and three men were charged with keeping a house of prostitution and human trafficking for sexual servitude. Two years later, those cases remain tied up in court.

Early on, prostitution charges were reduced to keeping a house of prostitution because of the limited nature of the alleged contact between the clients and the masseuses.

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Also, amid defense claims of police misconduct, a judge has dismissed all charges against one of the men and the sex trafficking charges against the other two men.

The attorney for defendant Douglas Crociati successfully argued this spring that the local police officer in charge of the investigation lied to the grand jury about the investigation.

At the same time, Brown dismissed the sex trafficking charges against defendants Edward Coffey and Thomas Thevenin, who, like Lowell farms massage, were accused of helping defendants Xialan Luo, Zhibo Zhau and Jiping Wang run the three spas.

The indictments followed an extensive investigation by special agents from the U. Department of State, investigators from the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, and the local Plymouth police.

We are moving forward with these cases.

Prosecutors have not appealed the dismissal of the sex trafficking charges against Coffey and Thevenin. The district attorney did not respond to a request for comment on that decision.

Bletzer insists that the three men who were charged were used by the women and their bosses, who were never charged.

Bletzer said it will take months for the court to assemble a record of the proceedings in the case.

He said the case probably will not be heard until sometime in Rich Harbert rharbert wickedlocal.